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I just wanted to say thank you so much for coming here to Toledo and playing for our reception...you and Des were so awesome, I got so many people asking me who you were! Thank you, and also thanks for the cds--I haven't stopped listening to them yet! Your music is an incredible ministry, I am glad you could be a part of our special day. God bless.."

-- Noelle
Wayne Center for the Arts:
"Kevin & Desley give a delightful concert which appeals to all audiences. They perform music from their heart and have a clear, peaceful sound that resonates in the souls of those who have the opportunity to listen.

Looking around the crowd when they performed recently at our location, you could see young and old alike with smiles on their faces. Some were enjoying the beautiful harmonies and instruments and others were nodding in agreement to words that touched on an experience or emotion they had experienced. You will definitely be pleased, as we were, when you invite Kevin & Des to your venue."

-- Andrea Clements, Special Events Coordinator, Wayne Center for the Arts
NZ Lutheran magazine reviews Desley's In These Things - "New album is a pleasure!"

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