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Desley - In These Things
Soundfarm Records

The artist formerly known as Desley Beh has dropped her surname for this album, her second in two years. But don't be mistaken; the idea of "less is more" only applies to her name.

While I'm sure she still stands only a little above four feet tall, Desley has grown much since her 1999 release, With A Friend. Her voice sounds richer; the songs have a greater depth and maturity; and she has taken her music to the next level with some exceptional string arrangements, backing vocals, and other high quality instrumental support from a talented group of musicians.

There are many highlights over the 48 minutes on this CD. The bright acoustic pop punch of the opening track "Brighter Window" will grab you immediately and put a spring in your step as it reminds us that God's grace doesn't depend on us.

"Sunshine" in contrast, is a reflective and touching account of the last days of the life of a close friend dying of cancer; one who played on Desley's first album.

From the heartfelt praise and worship of "Clay" and "I Look to You" to the bluesy jazz versions of "Summertime" by George Gershwin and her own funked-up cover of "Seek Ye First" from her debut, Desley demonstrates a musical versatility and creativity that makes this album stand out from many independent recordings that are out there today.

There is real, down-to-earth emotion in these twelve songs. But it's the final track, "Dad's Song", that might just bring a tear to your eye. Even if you don't know Desley's father, "the very Reverend Beh" (and ex-president of the LCNZ) you will still find it hard not to smile and have your heart warmed at this beautiful account of the loving relationship between a daughter and her father, who "calls every Thursday, just to see if I'm okay."

It is a pleasure to hear such a strong second album from a young Kiwi-bred Lutheran woman, who passionately proclaims her faith in God, sings with an impressive vocal range and obviously works hard at refining her sound in community with other like-minded musicians.

Brendan Boughen, Editor
New Zealand Lutheran


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