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  • Creekside Audio - Wes McCraw runs a great studio in the Akron area, boasts some top-notch guitar & arranging skills, and is just an all-round nice guy to boot. Des recorded & mixed much of Carry On with Wes' help.
  • Tangled Blue - our good friends Aimee and Joel from Wisconsin. Aimee sings some backup and plays percussion on Kevin's CD.
  • Robin Stone - a wonderful artist, both on and off the stage. Robin did the cover design for Kevin's CD.
  • Joe Rohan - great songwriter, great musician, and all-around great guy. Joe plays drums on Kevin's CD, and also on Desley's Carry On
  • Closerlook Recording - if you're recording a CD in Cleveland, this is the place. Tyler Owen is the owner and a great guy to work with. This is where we recorded Kevin's Six Years CD.



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