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About Our Music

Acoustic duo Kevin and Desley Brown play an unpretentious brand of modern folk, with influences ranging from rock to Celtic to jazz, all hung together on a unique combination of piano and acoustic guitar. Their intricate harmonies and thoughtful lyrics complement song styles ranging from progressive to quaint. This husband/wife team bring together a musical perspective that reaches from America's heartland to the land Down Under, yet grows from common roots in classic hymns. Their music has been described as refreshing, uplifting, and reflective, and they try to share a little of each in the songs that they write and sing.

In the past, Kevin and Des have toured and performed throughout the U.S., Germany & Denmark, Australia, and New Zealand. To date they have 3 independent CD releases between them, and as well as appearences on CDs from groups like the Searchlight Ensemble.

More About Us

Kevin grew up in a small town in northeastern Ohio, and today still doesn't feel quite right if he can't see cornfields from his bedroom window. Desley was born in Australia, but grew up mostly in various parts of New Zealand's North Island (yes, she still has the accent). Kevin and Desley met in 1995 in Minneapolis while they were training for tours with the volunteer music ministry organization Youth Encounter. Desley toured the U.S., Denmark, and Germany for 17 months while Kevin spent the time in Western Australia and (strangely enough, as future events would have it) Desley's home turf of New Zealand.

The tours ended, and Des returned to Australia, where she proceeded to produce two independent CDs, while Kevin remained in the States to pursue graduate studies in engineering. A few years and many emails passed, and after a few long plane trips Kevin & Des managed to spend 9 months together on the same continent. They were married in March of 2002 in Bundaberg Australia, and today make their home by the Lake Erie shore near Cleveland, Ohio.


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